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Read Barbara Ann Grant’s latest concert review ‘A Revelatory Feast of Opera’. Reviewed in the Nelson Mail 16 May 2016.

May 22nd, 2016

Listen to Barbara Ann Grant’s interview with Nelson radio Fresh FM. You can check out the new brand profile here

March 1st, 2014

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    How to Sing with Barbara Ann

    Want to know how to sing? Then come and learn from me and find your voice, find your music, find the fun inside!

    Image - Barbara Ann Grant - singing teacher

    Barbara Ann Grant – exploring how to sing for over 30 years!

    Barbara Ann Grant is the director of Soundworkz. She is a classically trained singer with 30+ years interest in how to sing. Barbara Ann also has an extensive background in training development and delivery in the corporate sector. She specialised in business change consultancy improving team dynamics. An ex-principal consultant with KPMG, she is expert at making positive change happen quickly and effortlessly. She has completed major assignments for Telecom NZ, Henderson Global Investors, AMP, Adecco, NBNZ, ANZ, Barclays UK, Cable and Wireless UK and many government ministries including Foreign Affairs and Trade, Education, Housing and Inland Revenue.

    Through all of these engagements Barbara Ann retained her enthusiasm for singing, realising that the exploration of how to sing is a wider exploration into how to be the best of what you can be!

    Professional Qualifications – SoundWorkz

    • BA Hons (1st), Massey University, 1987
    • C. Mus, Wellington Conservatory of Music, 1989
    • 3 years study Bachelor of Music, Performance Voice, Oberlin, Ohio, USA, 1994 – 1996
    • Teaching of Singing, Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, Ohio, USA, 1996, Tutor – Richard Miller, author of,
    ‘The Structure of Singing’

    Professional Memberships – SoundWorkz

    Committee Member – NEWZATS (New Zealand Association of Teachers of Singing)

    Association of Choral Directors (ACD)

    Choral Federation New Zealand (CFNZ)

    Professional Qualifications – SoundHeals

    • Reiki I, II – Master Lois Reid, Wellington, NZ, 1992, 1993
    • Sound Healing Intensive – Jonathon Goldman, Boulder, Colorado, USA, June, 2001
    • Sound Healing Intensive – Tom Kenyon, Seattle, USA, August, 2007 –
    • Harmonic Overtoning – Jill Purce, London, UK, 2001,
    • Harmonic Overtoning – Michael Ormiston, London, UK 2008,
    • Journeyman Gong Playing I and II – Don Conreaux, Gloucestershire, UK, June, July, 2008,

    Professional Memberships:

    Sound Healing Association, UK
    Sound Healing Association, USA

    “Having these singing lessons . . , the best money I’ve ever spent.” Rodger, 42, CEO

    Soundworkz Blog

    Barbara Ann Grant sings ‘Summertime’ by Gershwin


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    May 22nd, 2016

    Barbara Ann Grant sings ‘Shenandoah’


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    May 22nd, 2016

    Vlog Post – Learn to Sing Tip One – Posture for Great Singing

    Tweet Learn to Sing Tip One – Posture for Great Singing

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    October 14th, 2012

    They’re singing so out of tune . . . they could be a big star!?

    Tweet Bad singing technique – is it really such a barrier to making it big? Have you ever noticed how many singing stars habitually and regularly sing, ‘out of tune’, nasally, with shallow gaspy breathing and / or loads of throat constriction? This is something that quite frequently preys at the back of my mind […]

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    August 19th, 2012

    Top 5 Tips for How to Sing: No. 5 Trust your Gut

    Tweet   How to Sing | Own your own Journey | Know when to Move On The road to barely adequate singing is paved with good lil’ singers who always did what their teachers told ’em to do! OK – this one has always been contentious, but it’s a basic truth that the time comes […]

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    July 22nd, 2012